A little something about myself

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Hii there,

Since I’ve just started this blog I think I’d be logic to introduce myself to my readers.

I am a a 17 year old girl that lives in the Netherlands, in the city of Gouda ( yes there is a lot of cheese produced here). I love to watch TV shows and movies, read books and I’d like to travel a lot. Another thing about me is that I am quite interested in the world and what happens in it and I almost always have a strong opinion about things ( which can annoy my friends and family a bit now and then).
Feel free to comment and ask any questions that are unanswered.

What I intend to do in this blog is talk about things in life and what I’m up to and later on when I will hopefully travel more this blog might become more about travel.

Just a picture I took a while ago. Which remided me of something I forgot to tell you. I do also like to take pictures although I’m not good at it

Paris day 2

On day 2 we left a bit late because we wanted to sleep off our bus jetlag.

First we went to a bakery I’d seen in a YouTube video called Paris on a budget and I got a lovely pastry and Nicole got a ‘pain au chocolat’.

Then we went to a church called Saint Sulpice which is the biggest church in Paris and in which a few people were actually sleeping on chairs and looked kinda homeless so that was quite sad and weird. But the church itself was quite pretty and it really is huge

Our second destination was the Louvre museum. We unfortunately had to stand in a very long line in order to get inside. But we didn’t have to buy a ticket since we were both under 18 at the time. Everyone had to go through the security check, but it didn’t take very long because it wasn’t very busy. When we were inside, we decided to go upstairs first and look there. But we accidently went to the exit and we couldn’t turn around anymore since the escalator only went up. We explained to the security that it was an accident. Luckily we were allowed to return to the museum through the premium access, which is actually only for the people who work there. We took lots of pictures and we enjoyed our time in the Louvre very much. The only downside was that most of the text was in French, and wasn’t translated into English or any other language and even though I have French in school, translating all those text is exhausting. fortunately most of the ‘Important’ stuff in the Louvre did have translations. We also had WiFi access inside , so it is possible to translate the text on your own.

The last thing I want to say about the Louvre is don’t waste your time on the Mona Lisa because it’s very anticlimactic, small, crowded and not very special.

After visiting the Louvre we went to Place du Tertre. A square where famous artist have painted and people are still painting ( mainly tourists though) because we didn’t find it very interesting we left quite soon and walked up to the Sacre Coeur Basilica which was a beautiful church as well ( we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside ) and we had a nice view of Paris because it is right on top of a hill.

Paris Day 1

A while ago me and my friend Nicole planned to go on a trip to Paris from the 25th of February till the 1st of March.

We decided to take a bus because that was the most cheap and we are staying in a Airbnb in the outskirts of Paris, in a place called Cachan which is around 40 minutes from the city Centre.

Our bus left at 00.20 in the morning and arrived at 08.00. We tried to sleep during the bus ride but you never sleep in a bus like you do in your own bed. After our arrival we went to the metro station of Bercy and bought a ticket Jeune and a week pass which costs a total of around €35.- we choose this because it’s a lot cheaper than the 5 day Visit Paris pass. At first we had no idea where to go but after about walking around for 5 minutes we found our way and quickly got going to find our apartment which was also quite a challenge.

After some more searching we got to the apartment at 9.45 and were met by our host, his English isn’t very good but good enough to understand. We decided to stay in our room for about an hour before leaving for the city centre.

The easiest way to the centre is from the RER Station of Acreuil-Cachan which is about a 10 minute walk and from there you can get to anywhere you like in Paris.

Firstly we visited Hotel d’invalides which is a museum about war and a church where Napoleon Bonaparte and some other famous soldiers are buried. I had previously seen pictures of Napoleon’s tomb but it’s a lot bigger than I expected and the size of it isn’t what it looks like on pictures.

After the visit to Hotel d’invalides we went to the Alexander bridge which was said to be the most beautiful bride in Paris. Beautiful it was but I was quite disappointed because I’ve seen prettier bridges in London and Prague. Anyway continuing our journey we went on to Arc the Triomphe which was very beautiful indeed and also quite big.

Afterwards we went to a buffalo grill restaurant and had the most lovely dinner for only €10 so this is advisable if you’re on a budget and the food is good

After dinner we took the metro and Rer back to our apartment and went to bed after a long day of walking on little sleep.


Hii y’all I’ve been super demotivated lately because of various reasons and I’ve just been busy. I find that I’m not only demotivated to write on my blog but that I’m also having trouble to do shit for school. This is probably because teachers are all thinking of new teaching methods instead of just learning from the book and they’re not doing a wonderful job to put it lightly. They’ve also installed bags to put your phone in at the beginning of class and it’s f*cking annoying because I always check what I have next period on my phone and my music’s on there and we are allowed to listen to music but only on our laptop. Unfortunately I don’t have my collection of 400 songs on my laptop because I always listen to music on my phone. The only thing I still do is watch TV shows and spend a lot of time on YT and Pinterest. I am aware that it’s not the end of the f** world but I’ve always been quite motivated for school and social activities and now I’m just suddenly a lazy girl that doesn’t know what to do with her miserable life.

Now I’m just hoping that I’ll be more motivated after my vacation and my visit to Paris, and that’s also what my next post probably will be about since I’ll go there in 6 days, or it will be about my vistit to Leiden university to check out some courses they have there.

The only other thing I’ve been wanting to ask is how my followers are ? and if you are annoyed by my nagging or if you can relate?

My opinion on Making a Murderer

Hii everyone, a while ago me and my parents watched the documentary series Making a Murderer on Netflix. I watch lots of shows on Netflix but because this is about real life events and because it’s such a terrible story it had a lot of impact on me and that why I wanted to share my opinion about it with y’all.

So the show is about a man named Steven Avery. He has previously been falsely convicted for sexual assault but he didn’t do it. He was in jail for 18 years before Avery was exhonerated and released. In the mean time his wife left him and he got estranged from his family.

When Avery had been free for around 2 years and was to receive a lot of money from the state because he was in prison while he didn’t do anything, he suddenly was accused of murdering a Photographer named Teresa Halbach whose body was found on his property. Well because I don’t want to spoil everything I’m just gonna say he’s been framed and is sentenced life in prison without parole and his cousin is in prison as well for nothing ( other than being dumb).

So I really recommend watching it or maybe a summary of the show and I hope that people will work together so they will be set free.

Even though this series isn’t that happy.

I also want to congratulate my friend who also has a blogpost called zeeblauw because it’s her birthday so.

Van harte gefeliciteerd Joanne 🎈

My visit to Budapest

Happy new year everyone. I know its a bit late but I’m finally going to post something again. 

During the summer I visited Budapest for 2 days. We’d planned on going there with the 4 of us but my brother had fallen ill the day before leaving so he stayed on the campsite in Brezno, Slovakia with my mother. 

The road from Brezno to Budapest was quite bumpy but we got there in the end.  It was very sunny and hot upon arrival. The temperature was about 43° Celsius ( while out of the sun). The hotel we stayed at (Irisz Panzio)  was reasonably good but unfortunately didn’t have airco. Luckily all rooms did have a small ventilator but that was about it. 

After leaving most of our stuff we left the hotel and walked to the closest train station ( about 300m). On most of the public transport stops you can buy multiple kinds of tickets and we opted for the 24h one which was quite cheap ( around 1500HUF/€5,-) The public transport functioned very well even with hundredthousands more people in the city for the Sziget Festival. Budapest is a beautiful city with nice buildings, festivals and other activities. There are a lot of things you can visit like the St. Stephen’s basilica, the Hungarian Parliament, The Chain bridge and the Fisherman’s Bastion.

Me in front of the Hungarian Parliament building
During the day we walked around the city just to sightsee and admire the atmosphere. We had a nice lunch with a view of the parliament building. In the early evening when our feet were tired we got on a public transport boat and just sat on it for about 2 hours seeing the island where Sziget was and all the beautiful things along the river. When we got off it had already gotten dark and we went to have dinner in the nice affordable restaurant, Lucas Étterem- behind the Basillica. The address is Bajcsy-zsilinszky E. út 15., District V. And ofcourse I am not paid or anything like that for this shout-out. It was just a very nice restaurant that I found on the Budapest by locals website. 

The delicious Goulash and lemonade I had at the restaurant.

After dinner we went back to the hotel by public transport and went to bed. However we didn’t really get a good night sleep due to the temperatures and mosquitoes. So we decided to go back to the city centre for a few more hours and leave at around 2 instead of in the evening. The second day we went to the other half of the city and went to climb a hill with a statue on it which was probably about liberation or something like that, I’m not sure. It was quite tough to climb a hill when it’s at least 40°C but we made it and the view was wonderful. Afterwards we strolled some more and then went back to the station closest to our hotel, bought some supplies for the trip back and left Budapest behind. But we’ll certainly return because it’s a beautiful city with a lot more to discover. 

My day trip to Vienna

On the 31st of July I went on a daytrip to Vienna, the capital city of Austria. We ( My family and I) woke up early because the campsite was about an hour drive from the city and we wanted to see as much as we possibly could in a day. Because of the long wait at the Hungarian border we arrived in Vienna at about 10.30am. We parked the car in a P+R parking because those have a daily rate of around €3 so i do recommend a parking lot like that. Afterwards we went to the tube station which was connected to our parking  lot and bought four 24h tickets for all forms of public transport ( also recommended). During the day we visited a lot of beautiful sights for instance the Belvedere castle, the Prater and the Karlskirche . A lot of things you can visit in Vienna are free if you’re a student or if you’re under 18. It was also free for me and my brother to visit the crown jewels of Austia for free so that’s what we did. I must tell you that I don’t really value things like crown jewels but it was rather nice and if that’s your thing I totally recommend it because it’s not that crowded and well it’s free so why not?. In short we just walked across Vienna for the entire day and saw a lot of beautiful things and I’d like to go back there another time because to really see everything there is to see I think you should at least stay a week in Vienna.

Belvedere Vienna

My trip to London

From the 22nd to the 26th of July I went on a trip to London with my friend Nicole. It was my second time there for I had been there once before 2 years ago with my mother. We had gotten very cheap Ryanair tickets and booked a place to stay on Airbnb just outside of the city in a town called Enfield. The appartement we stayed in had a beautiful view because it was on the 19th floor and lived up to our expectations. Because it was my second time in London I’d been wondering if I was able to fill my time there with things I hadn’t done before and it worked out quite well.  We visited the British museum, the national gallery and the natural history museum which was my favourite.

a huge skeleton situated in the natural history museum
Some of many famous paintings that can be found in the national gallery

We also visited some places that are in the TV show Sherlock. St. Barts hospital, 221B Baker Street, Speedy’s (lunch tip) and Chinatown.

of course we also visited Londons top attractions such as Tower Bridge, The Big Ben, St. Pauls, Camden Market and many more